From left to right: Stable fly; House fly larvae; engorged Boophilus tick; Liver fluke. Copyright: P. Junquera

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This reference site offers solid information on the parasites of dogs, cats, horses and livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry) in the form of single articles on specific topics (currently more than 1500 articles). New articles are added regularly.

The Spanish part of the site contains more than 5000 articles and is one of the most visited sites on Veterinary Parasitology in Spanish.

The English part of the site has three major sections:

You can use the menus in each page, or the site map to navigate the site and select specific articles.

Alternatively you may start your visit reading the following SUMMARIES that list and link to the parasites of each major domestic animal species: is an independent site. It is not financed by the Animal Health industry or by any other private or public institution. It sells nothing. It just delivers solid information free of charge. Hoping that when leaving the site, visitors will know a little bit more on parasites and their control than when they arrived. Ocasionally I also tell my opinion or personal experience on selected topics.

The site targets both pet owners as well as Animal Health professionals (farmers, producers, breeders, veterinarians, zootechnicians, sales representatives and distributors of veterinary parasiticides, nurses, etc.) that are confronted with practical problems regarding parasites and need information to sort them out.

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