Brand: TIGUVON ® Pour-on for Cattle


FORMULATION: «pour-on/spot-on» for topical administration to the rump or loins of the animal in one spot.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT(S)fenthion: 20% = 200 g/L

CHEMICAL CLASS of the active ingredient(s): organophosphate


PARASITES CONTROLLED (spectrum of activity)

  • Biting & sucking lice (incl. Damalinia bovis, Haematopinus eurysternus, Solenopotes capillatus and Linognathus vituli).


  • 2.5 ml product / 110 kg bw, equivalent to ~4.5 mg phention / kg bw


  • LD50 (acute oral) in rats: ~1000 mg/kg (according to MSDS)
  • LD50 (acute dermal) in rats: >4000 mg/kg (according to MSDS)
  • Estimated hazard class according to the WHO: II, moderately hazardous

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Withholding periods (=withdrawal times) in days for meat & milk (country-specific differences may apply: read the product label)

  • Meat: Australia: 10 days (ESI 21 days).
  • Milk for human consumption: Australia: Do not use on lactating cows where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption.

WARNING !!!: Never use on humans, dogs or cats.

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Risk of resistance? LOW. So far there are no reports on resistance of cattle lice to fenthion or other organophosphates. This means that if this product does not achieve the expected efficacy against the mentioned parasites, it is likely to be due to incorrect use and not to resistance. Incorrect use is the most frequent cause of product failure.

However, product rotation to prevent or delay resistance development is always highly recommended.

Alternative chemical classes/active ingredients to prevent resistance of external parasites through product rotation:

These alternative products may not be available in all countries, or may not be available as pour-ons, or may not be effective against all the concerned parasites.

Learn more about resistance and how it develops.


Are the active ingredients of this product ORIGINAL* or GENERICS**?


*Meaning that they are still patent protected and generics are not yet available
**Meaning that they have lost patent protection and may be acquired from manufacturers of generic active ingredients other than the holder of the original patent.

COUNTRIES where this brand/product is marketed: Australia, several Latin American countries.
GENERIC BRANDS available? NO, in most countries.

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TIGUVON Spot-on for Cattle introduced already in the 1960s by BAYER. It is one of the oldest veteran ectoparasiticides from BAYER remaining in the market. TIGUVON was probably the first ready-to-use ectoparasiticide in the years of dips and spray-races, a precursor of the pour-ons introduced first by BAYER a few years later.

Fenthion is a broad spectrum non-systemic organophosphorous insecticide and acaricide. It is also used in agricultural pesticides and in dogs and cats against fleas. Together with all organophosphates usage has stongly diminished in the last decades, replaced by less toxic compounds.


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